We believe in-house designers are sometimes less likely to fight hard for the best solutions. Why rock the boat and compromise a promotion or rapport with management? It’s an understandable response intended for self-preservation (we’ve all been there) — but this allows super hands-on CEOs to get their amateur design mitts all over everything. External design teams can often have an easier time guarding against executive meanderings and over-contributions that can derail projects, compromise the effectiveness of a thoughtful system, and cause significant delays.

External design teams can also provide a fresh perspective and approach to a company’s communication objectives. A discovery process will bring the team up to speed on what needs to be accomplished, but then something extra valuable kicks in: the external team balances their understanding of the problem with their perspective as ‘new users.’ This vantage can be a critical contribution that helps an organization see through the lens of a first time viewer. Internal project leaders and team members are often too intimate with their brand/product to see solutions from an outside perspective.

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